Thoughts on “Read This and Hack!”

This week, I read some of the “Read This and Hack!” blog. In the blog I found many topics I enjoyed, ranging from green architecture to data mining to obesity. However, my favorite entries were the “60 second ideas” written by the students. But no matter the post I was reading, they all had one important thing in common; they were all casual, contained loads of information and good insights, and were short. The posts were able to grab my attention, keep it, and by the time I was ready to be done reading, they were over.

As a critique, I would say that the page layout of the blog was not my favorite. I found it very difficult to find what I was looking for. I also thought it was very confusing to have posts from professional authors mixed in with those of students. I could not tell if they were articles simply posted on the blog from somewhere else or if they were written specifically for the blog. All in all, however, I genuinely enjoyed “Read This and Hack.”



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