Critique on Blog Posts, Old and New

After tediously shuffling through past blog posts, I have certain recommendations for the structure, content, and style of the blog posts. Many posts that I read were simply two long paragraphs stuffed with information, anecdotes, and statistics. For example, a blog post that I read on outsourcing described personal experiences at a retail company. The blog post has some great information, but it could be more engaging, and it was really tough to read. Yes, it broached topics we will learn about in class and related them to personal experiences, but there is more to it. 

I would prefer the style of blog posts like, which highlights different solutions to a “60 second idea to change the world”. This post is colloquial and has a good mix of external links and ideas from the author, as well as comical insights to complement the content. In order to create an appealing blog for the class (and hopefully one that people will want to read), I gravitate towards the style of the latter. 

2 thoughts on “Critique on Blog Posts, Old and New”

  1. I thought the idea of blogging was to capture your audience. I enjoyed your personal insight on the past blogs and your description of what a blog should look like. I appreciated your candidness.


  2. I appreciate the critique. You may not have noticed that the author of the second post you liked was….


    The other one was more of a description of a longer paper the student wrote.


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