In response to Bob’s “Proposal 3: Why Marijuana Should Be Legal”

In reading a bunch of really interesting article posts, I was naturally drawn to Bob’s article on “Why Marijuana Should Be Legal” coming from the Portland, Maine area where recreational use of marijuana, up to 2.5 ounces under the current referendum, is legal. I thought Bob’s starting points of the United States prison system was a crucial point to make within this argument. Although putting into perspective the amount prisoners are in jail for marijuana-related charges was important, nearly one-sixth or $11.3 billion in spending, I would have liked to seen a comparison to Portugal, who decriminalized the possession of drugs fourteen years ago. Portugal’s decriminalization of possession drug policy has drastically decreased spending on prisons and decreased drug crimes significantly. I think this article, if revised, would be way more dynamic now given the amount of other states that have legalized recreational marijuana along with their statistics on taxes collected since it was written in 2012. In 2013, according to Forbes, Colorado pulled in $2 million in taxes on recreational use and $3.5 million combined with taxes on medical use. The success of medical marijuana use in 23 states, and Washington DC, has produced millions of tax dollars, and could pull in multimillions more if marijuana was legalized. One has to question, why is something that has proved so successful for other countries, can generate so much revenue, increase state economies and increase employment still be criminalized in the United States. The answer given to this question continues to be ambiguous, and as the ethical implications of marijuana in our society change, maybe so will the legal status.

One thought on “In response to Bob’s “Proposal 3: Why Marijuana Should Be Legal””

  1. That looks like a post related to a white paper. Seems like this is an issue you have already researched? Or did this prompt you to look into it more?

    We could legalize cocaine and heroin too. Why not?

    Maybe we should legalize marijuana and criminalize alcohol. You ever seen two pot heads get into a fight (compared to two drunks?)


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