Initial Reaction

After looking through some of the blogs posted here, I was happy to see that a lot of the blog posts were a mix of topics that seemed to be prevalent in our own lives, and ones that are mainstream topics or issues for society as a whole. For example, blogs talked about the issues of grades in school, the benefits of working out, and the pain of parking meters; all concepts that have most likely effected our life in some way and they all sparked discussion in the comments. But other than the smaller more personal issues, there were also blogs about child obesity, and the global food crisis. I like the fact that the blog topics are able to be varied from something small we find annoying to something as significant as a global and social crisis. 


2 thoughts on “Initial Reaction”

  1. I was fascinated by the various topics as well. It was information on many intriguing subjects that kept me looking through the passages for well over an hour. I look forward to seeing the themes that our group will blog about.


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