Trial Post

One of the first posts I came across when viewing the past blog was a post titled “Cool Design for an iPhone”. I found this post when clicking on the “technology” tag. Although this was a relatively short post, I liked how the author of the post started off by asking a few questions. This got me thinking about what the cool design might be before even watching the video that was posted below. The language of the post illustrated to me that this topic is something the author is both passionate about, and interested in. The author not only posed a few questions to begin the post, but also stated his/her own opinion about the product as well. Additionally, the video posted was concise (2:47), well-made, and intriguing. I think occasionally posting short videos would add a nice touch to our class blog. While I am unaware of what the author was instructed to post in this instance, more detail regarding the pro’s and con’s of the product would add valuable information to the post. For anyone interested in watching the video describing a new, innovative type of phone called the “phoneblok,” you can find it here.


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