Trial Blog Post

I read mostly blogs under the business ethics tag, and found it very interesting to see the variation in depth and context across each analysis.  I liked that not every blog was about clean cut examples of ethical or unethical companies; there were some argumentative pieces that were in depth examinations of companies from a multi-faceted view.  I liked how blogs often dug deep into contextual analysis of companies from a historical standpoint, and commented on the many factors behind each decision, be it ethical or nonethical.  Stylistically, I liked how many of the blog posts read like a research paper but aesthetically looked less formal.  Blogs incorporated classic written analysis and also other forms of media like empirical charts and graphics, videos, and images which made the overall messages more clear.  One additional aspect I hope to see replicated in our class was the presence of engaging and meaningful discussion by other class participants that continued upon the main points of blog posts.  On the topic of business ethics, it was interesting to see students engaged in discussion on the validity of the argument in each post, and add in elements of their own.

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