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I chose to read the blog titled “Torching the Mundane”, which can be found at The blog contained many blog posts related to Liberal Arts education, as well as social issues including mentally ill in the prison system and immigration issues. I found the posts related to these issues to be especially interesting. In the most recent post titled “Throwing away the Key: The Mentally Ill in the Prison System”, Abby includes a paper written describing the facts behind the treatment of the mentally ill in our society, and reasons why they have become incarcerated. She blames the inability for our nation to treat the mental illnesses in the first place as the reason why many end up in the prison system. In the paper she proposes a plan to prevent the mentally ill from entering the system as well of reforms to how they are rehabilitated so as to correct the problems that exist. These issues demand the public’s understanding in order to be corrected because of the largely social implications and discrimination that occur otherwise. The problem, while complex and arduous, may be one that Congress and we as the people should consider fixing. 

2 thoughts on “Trial Blog Post”

  1. Yes, I believe so. I had a chance to read it in more depth today, and I think that one of the bills she proposes could potentially be very effective. I researched the Mobile Medical Homeless Health Improvement Act and was pleased to find that Rep. Yvette Clarke has cosponsored the bill just this week, which makes 4 supporters of the bill.


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