Trial Blog

I choose to look closely at the blog “Business, Government, and Society Five.” My first reaction to this page was how clean the layout was. I really like the white background with the picture headings for each article. I felt that this lay out was effective because I am a very visual person so the pictures caught my eye, which caused me to click on the articles and continue reading them. I also liked how the articles ranged in content, which made this blog a great place to go to and catch up on current events. In order to get a better idea of the content that is on this blog I read “Identifying the Culprits of the Financial Crises”. I liked how strong the voice was and how concise the material was. The article titles on the left hand side was also very useful because it was easy to read through and was broken into different categories such as “what is being read”. I liked that it showed which articles were trending because I think it is helpful to know what fellow classmates are reading because it creates a better opportunity for discussion. Business, Government, and Society Five

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