“Lying” for the Greater Good

While listening to the podcast, I couldn’t help but sympathize with Ira Glass. If I were in his situation I would felt like I were lied to. He is trying to share what he considers is a news story with his audience, a story that was his most downloaded of all time, and it turns out major parts were fabricated. I think

that Mike Daisey claiming his story on his trip as art instead of journalism was an after the fact thing af


er people found out that his story had lies. Glass stuck his neck out for Daisey and ended up not getting what he was expecting.


I’ve never thought about the similarities of art and journalism until this article. I believe that they are two pretty different. I think that the main focus of journalism is to gather all the information possible, and to report that information in an unbiased manner, for an audience to make their own opinion on the subject. Art is when a artist uses what they feel is relevant to convey a feeling or make a connection with their audience. I don’t believe that art needs to be truthful, but journalism does. I think from this podcast we got a better view on what life actually is like for these FoxConn workers.

The part on how workers are essentially pressured to work overtime stuck out to me. It was a little refreshing to me that Apple has a code of conduct that companies that do business with Apple have to abide by in order to do business, even though it doesn’t look like companies always follow through. Apple’s negotiation power really stood out to me as well. It’s that sort of power that let’s them get away with harsh working conditions.

3 thoughts on ““Lying” for the Greater Good”

  1. Great post. I too found it very interesting to relate art and journalism together. I think that journalism is a art in the sense that it can be done in so many different ways and each person has a different approach. From the podcast we learn that Daisey’s approach is one that he chooses to embellish the facts from his trip. I found his approach to be very effective in getting people to understand the issues at these factories even if all of the details are not accurate.


  2. Loved your thoughts on this, as always, Thomas. You discuss in depth about the difference between art and journalism, but which do you think Mike Daisey relates himself more to? If he sees himself more as an actor, is he more in the wrong? Is Mike Daisey a criminal for lying about corporations? So many questions. Maybe Mike Daisey is just being controversial because he loves the spotlight.


  3. I like in your last paragraph how you talk about the new insights we see in the Foxconn factories and how Apple responds to the situation. This stuck out to me too because I was very touched by Daisey’s original piece and then finding out that he was lying sort of degraded the emotion in my mind. However, it’s true, like you point out, that conditions are still unfathomable in these factories. I felt that Daisey lying about his experiences there almost discredited the point he was trying to make and somehow made me less emotionally connected to his story.


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