Blog 3- Digging Deeper into Apple, Jobs, Daisey

The BC, (Joe, Jack, Theresa, and me) decided it would be interesting to see the Bucknell-produced version of Daisey’s actual play, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

As you recall, the task force forum had already started to organize a performance of the play when the podcast controversy arrived.  Ultimately, the task force opted for something more novel.  We decided to take the script,which Mike Daisey had generously made public under a creative commons license, which allowed for modifications, and produce our own “interrupted version.”

You can watch “un/real and un/true: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” here.

Alex Lyras performing the play in LA later.
The actor is Bucknell Alum, Alex Lyras.  The script is Mike Daisey’s with edits and interruptions by Dr. Bob Gainer (retired professor of theater here),  Dr. Pete Mackey, our VP of Communications, and me, with assistance from BU students Kathleen Lenox, Nick Stetz, and Rachel Iselin-Litt.
The play has many themes: the history of personal computing, the cult of Apple, globalization, China and US perceptions of China, the spirit of the open internet versus the control impulse of Apple, justice, and, of course, truth, facts, stories and the media.
The BC wants you to watch the play and then use it as a spring board for your reaction.  We are especially interested in where the story goes since the events in the play and around the podcasts.  A short list of possibilities:
– What power do workers in China have to gain better conditions?
– How bad are working conditions there?
– Is Apple as unassailable now?
– Is the pull of open systems changing Apple?
– Is journalism so much better then art at getting to truth?
– What is Daisey up to now?  How has he changed the play?  What new work is he doing?
– Is TAL still addresing China, justice, technology?
– Some other inspiration from the play?
In short, do not simply comment on the play.  Rather use the play to ask yourself a question and then do your best to answer it.
Use your new blogging skills to make your post awesome!  Category (blog 3), lots of tags, multimedia, and hyperlinks.
COMMENTS:  DO 4, however 2 MUST be reactions/replies to other comments.  This can INCLUDE replying to comments on your won post.  The goal of commenting is to share ideas, praise AND ALSO ask question, challenge, and seek to further the conversation.

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