I Get It

…Literally, all this talk is driving me to insanity.

I get it.

I get that there is corruption within apple. I get that Steve Jobs is an innovative genius. I love the insights about how important innovation is in the technological realm. I really do. But I’m tired of reading everyone’s similar blog posts about the role of transparency and stakeholders. Most significantly, I am tired of analyzing apple as a company, so this blog post will be different.I find it ironic that in a class where all we talk about is companies and how they market to consumers, if someone were to look at our own class blog, we aren’t effectively marketing our creativity, innovation, and complex thoughts. I thought I would change it up a little bit with this blog post by providing some comedic relief, and at the end, just in case you were thinking “ok he just doesn’t want to write the blog post”, I picked some prime quotes from the play.

The Onion is always hilarious, but this diagram portrays an eerily accurate perception of both the iPhone and Galaxy. Do most iPhone users actually care about the specs, or is it just about being an “appearance-conscious asshole”?


Also this gem…


“Where’s that Jobsy guy who sold me this contraption?”

Some Interesting Quotes from the Play:

“The computer is more of a chameleon, it becomes whatever is being run on it.” From a marketing standpoint, product developers not only have to consider the uses of the computer, but also how malleable and compatible it will be with future innovations and products. A fantastic insight.

“It’s the user that gives the computer its value.” I think this is a really important concept that many of us fail to consider when looking at technology. The technology is really more about the consumer than the product, and especially for the iPhone– it wouldn’t have its cultastic edge without the outspoken flair of the users and its role in pop culture.

Until next week, I’m out.

7 thoughts on “I Get It”

  1. This post wins. As I was seeking out the last blog to comment on, I kept seeing comment lists that were all essentially the same. Thus, in order to keep up with the creativity that was this blog post, here are some more unique takes on Apple:

    The videos within this article all play at the fact that the Apple cult Daisey mentions in “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” will buy into whatever the newest product is, despite it not truly being all that great.


  2. Preach Kilman! I agree with you that most of these blog posts are very similar. With an entire class to comment on a single post there are bound to be similarities, but I agree with you that after three weeks it feels like I’m reading the same thing each post. I really enjoyed your last quote, “It’s the user that gives the computer it’s value,” because I feel like now it’s the Apple logo on the iPhone or MacBook that makes consumers that buy those products feel like they have value.


  3. Very fun read. I like how you brought up the point that many of the posts are becoming repetitive and its great to read something different. More importantly, I completely agree with your quote, “technology is really more about the consumer than the product.” I think as technology has developed many think that it is what is shaping us, but really we are shaping “it”. We constantly demand something better, something cooler, something even more amazing than what we already have. I believe that the consumers are truly what shapes the products and technology, which results in constant updates in our technological world.


  4. I think you overlook how crucial humor is to the play in your post. You give us some good laughs, and then some quotes from the play. Is there some connection between them?

    OK, what should we do to better? “..if someone were to look at our own class blog, we aren’t effectively marketing our creativity, innovation, and complex thoughts.”

    Marketing ideas? Go!


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