Made in China

Ok, so I understand this is supposed to be a play for educational purposes, but it’s a play about a tech company. I mean, have consumers have become so obsessed with this company that individuals are even performing plays about its history and products?

Just to give a little perspective, I’ve been to a few public speaking events on campus that were specifically educational, but I have never seen that many students attend an event as much as this one. Consumer’s modern day obsession has become immeasurable for anything with the name Apple or Steve Jobs on it. But, despite the obsession, it is the obsession that provides better opportunities for individuals in countries such as China.

Whether it be at the dinner table or in class, consumers are all constantly checking our phones in order to connect with the internet world. Although, as negative as the obsession with Apple products may be, there may also be a positive side to it all. Due to this overwhelming obsession, there must be a place and a group of people who can produce what we demand. This place is FOXCONN and these people are the Chinese. Yes, the working conditions at FOXCONN may be a somewhat harsh, but all employees are voluntarily working at the plant. By having the plant in China and having products made in China, not only do companies benefit from lower manufacturing costs, but it also brings Chinese workers to the bigger cities of the country, which provides more of a financial opportunity than in their small village. Additionally, it could possibly be realistic to perform the same operation of what they are doing in China somewhere in the US, but in all honesty, Americans do not want to work at manufacturing plants the way the Chinese do. Ignoring the difference in labor expenses, the Chinese desire to work the 16 hour work shifts, while in the US anything more than a 9-5 would be considered overtime. The Chinese are the ultimate human machine and somehow, someway the consumer’s obsessive demand for products is what leads to their better financial well-being.

It is apparent that today in our culture we are all obsessed with technology. This obsession has not only created an incredible demand for the newest, trendiest products, but also contributed to improving the financial state for others in China. Despite consumer’s materialistic obsession, companies constructing plants in China will allow for small villagers to make a better financial living opposed to remaining at a village performing traditional jobs.

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