The Real Meaning Behind Why I Chose Google

I decided I was going to write about Google before I even clicked the links that Jordi suggested as starting points for this week’s blog assignment. Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking how unoriginal this choice is. Perhaps one of my peers will also blog about the same topic. However, before I get started, I wanted to take the time to clearly communicate the fact that I did not choose to write about Google just because it was the first company that came up on Jordi’s links. In fact, I did not even notice until after starting this post that the second sentence of the Jordi’s blog prompt was describing the environment at Google. Of greater importance however, it was not until after writing the majority of this post that I realized the reason that I was so set on writing about Google in the first place. I realized I had a powerful reason to be grateful for Google being so dedicated to the well being of their employees, and to the families of their employees (more to come about this). Therefore, for the purposes of this post, I chose to focus on a specific group of stakeholders- the employees.

First, here’s a little background. In 2014, Google, Inc. was the only company in its industry to make it on to Fortune’s best companies list. Not only did it make it onto the list, it was ranked number one. The company’s motto is “don’t be evil,” and, has done just that in its treatment of the environment. The company has donated over $1 billion to renewable energy projects through its Google Green Program, and has decreased its own carbon footprint through the use of energy efficient buildings and public transportation. Heck, I personally know that the employees are dedicated to creating a better environment because my cousin’s husband, Joe, who, might I add, is probably the last person you would ever expect to participate in physical activity, walks three miles each way everyday to his job at Google.

If you hadn’t already heard, the work environment at Google is impeccable. You know- nap pods, free QUALITY food in the cafeteria, free haircuts, free checkups, free on-site laundry machines. All at work. Yup, go look up a Googleplex campus. In doing so, you will see the evidence of Google’s goal to keep their employees as happy as possible. I mean, you can even bring your pup to work with you (as long as you clean up after them!). Google truly believes that these perks, in addition to a long list of others, help foster a work environment that allows employees to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Let me tell you though the reason I believe all this all to be the truth. Under incredibly unfortunate circumstances, I have come to know the true quality and dedication that Google has for their employees. In particular, the true quality of family health care plans and benefits that these employees are provided with. If such benefits were not provided, my cousin, April, likely would not have received the quality of care that she was able to receive after sustaining incredibly serious injuries that left her as the only survivor of a plane crash this past May. Due to the quality of care that she received thanks to her husband, Joe’s, Google employee health benefits, April was able to make a full physical recovery, one that she likely may not have achieved without such benefits and access to quality care. After seeing the amount of flexibility that Google provided to Joe to take care of his wife as they simultaneously coped with the loss of their four-year-old daughter in the accident, I truly believe that Google cares for their employees as individuals. I truly believe that they see their employees as individuals, not just as avenues to achieve greater profitability through. For these reasons, I will forever have the utmost respect for the quality of treatment and benefits that Google provides to their employees.

As we have learned in the past few weeks, stakeholders include not only owners of a company’s stock, but also the employees, customers, suppliers, and community. As seen in the way that they treat their employees, Google clearly takes the needs of their employee stakeholders, rather than their owners, into account. In my opinion, it is evident that Google illustrates their dedication to corporate responsibility through their primary concern of creating a well-respected image represented through their happy employees.

4 thoughts on “The Real Meaning Behind Why I Chose Google”

  1. Different topic, but…

    While it is a happy outcome for April, I would hope anyone would have healthcare whether they with for Google, exploiters-r-us, or are are an Alcoholic, homeless, Afghan vet.

    The flexibility of Google is perhaps more clearly above and beyond minimal caring.

    While Joe and April’s story is powerful, we still want to know if the story is generalizable. How can we know if the outcome of Joe and April is more generally accurate?


  2. Like Jordi, I would like to know if Joe and April’s story is generalizable. While it seemed that your family was able to make the most out of an extremely difficult situation, is this always the case for Google employees?
    I also am interested in the motives that Google has beyond simply caring about it’s stakeholders when it provides “nap pods, free QUALITY food in the cafeteria, free haircuts, free checkups, free on-site laundry machines.” I would hazard a guess that your cousin is incredibly talented and driven about what he does. I believe that Google provides such over the top benefits to ensure their spot on the top of the best places to work lists. This isn’t only because they are committed to their current employee stakeholders. An ulterior motive that I don’t think is talked about as often is the competition this created for job openings, and Google’s ability to pick (and hold on to, with extravagant benefits packages) the creme of the crop.


  3. Jordi- In retrospect, yes, I failed to address some of the ideas in the blog prompt, but I think you also failed to recognize the way in which I made a personnel connection within the assignment, rather than just writing about something that had relatively no meaning to me. I thought that the purpose of this blog was to help us expand our thoughts and to develop ideas that we felt strongly about.

    Liz- I think that more companies should implement stronger employee retention programs or perks. I found a pretty interesting Forbes article from 2012 that interviewed Google’s “Chief People Officer,” Laszlo Bock. Pretty cool that this is even a position. He specifically states that there is “research that show[s] employee benefit programs like ours can improve retention, and appear to improve performance on some level.” He proceeds to explain that the resin they are doing these things for employees “is not because it’s important to business, but simply because it’s the right thing to do. When it comes down to it, it’s better to work for a company who cares about you than a company who doesn’t.” While their ultimate objective is to keep their employees on staff, I do not think that there is anything negative or detrimental in doing so.


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