A Question for Ed Freeman

A question I would ask Ed Freeman: Have your theories of stakeholderism changed over time because of events in the financial world/catastrophic global events? And a follow up question, do you think Stakeholder Theory will hold true in the next 50 years?

In terms of the way Freeman seemed to answer every question that was thrown at him– he seemed to say “my theory is perfect, but no company is perfect, so it is impossible to follow it”. Especially when Jordi himself questioned Walmart’s Stakeholder practices, Freeman answered in the aforementioned manner. 

Is Freeman’s theory about Stakeholderism now impotent because even he believes it is impossible for any company to stay true to the theory? Or is Stakeholder theory just a soft guideline?
Overall, I thought Freeman kept his talk very concise and used real world examples, which I am a huge fan of.