So am I Going to get in Trouble for Knowing/Supporting This…?

Had I been able to ask Ed Freeman a question I would have asked him what the most powerful reactions to his subject matter have been and what the general consensus about his subject matter has been. In his speech, he did mention that he has been criticized for his writings however, like many great theorists, this is to be expected. Then I got to thinking, we learn about his stakeholder theory at Bucknell so does that mean it’s good or that we’re learning something that we could possibly get criticized for knowing and (maybe) supporting? I believe that will depend upon the careers each of us end up working in. However, this possible criticism from employers is exactly what made this question a good one. Students should be prepared to defend their ideas if the consensus is that stakeholder theory is bad. On the other had, they should know to reference it if the business world believes it to be good. Either way it could have saved us from looking like this…


Or let us look like this for mentioning it…


..during an interview.


One thought on “So am I Going to get in Trouble for Knowing/Supporting This…?”

  1. I had a professor of sociology as an undergrad who had escaped Iran who told us he would have been executed for reading the communist manifesto.

    I don’t think any employer would penalize you, unless they were very ideological… Koch brothers, Coors, etc. Freeman consults Wal Mart, for jiminy sakes.


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