You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

In my opinion, being a good employer is the number one thing to having healthy and positive employees. My mom is the executive director of our synagogue, so she is basically in charge of every that works in the building, including the maintenance staff. Rather than just relying on her staff and just giving them orders, she has a much more personal relationship with each and everyone and I think that makes all the difference. She invites them all over to our house every year for a home cooked meal, and in return they are willing to do anything she asks. The head of the maintenance team even helps us out by watching out puppy and driving my sister to and from the airport when she visits. Do you think this would be the case if she treated them more like subordinates rather than respect them the way she does? I definitely don’t.

Immediately when reading this weeks prompt, the first company that popped into my mind was Google. From management 101 my freshman year, I learned how extravagant the Google campus is and how employees are much happier working when they know that everything they could possibly need is within arms reach. As listed here in this article, Google employees are offered services such as childcare, fitness equipment, hair salons, and many more. When people have less to worry about at home, it makes sense that they would have more time to work, and do a better job. So yes, I do think that having benefits from good employers will have a positive impact on employees.

Happy Google employees
Happy Google employees

4 thoughts on “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”

  1. My employer provides hair salon, food, childcare, recreation, and so on. You suggest it is so they don’t have to leave.

    Isn’t that all a little creepy? Do they subsidize these services? Even if they do (unlike the company towns like coal mining towns where the employer would gouge employees who had no other shopping choices), shouldn’t people get away from work sometimes?


    1. Jordi, I agree with what you’re saying; it is “creepy” in the sense that there’s hardly a separation between work and home now. But the point of my post was to suggest that Google makes their lives more convenient so that they only have to focus on working. And from what I’ve read, Google employees do churn out better products and ideas simply because they are more satisfied with their working environment.


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