Blog Council Results from Last Week!

Overall Liz and I really liked the in-depth quality of the blogs, despite their being slightly redundant.

First and foremost, THE BEST BLOG!

This title goes to Jack! We thought his blog was well organized, thoughtful, and brought the topic back to why we care.

We also thought these other blogs were superb:

Cate: Great job bringing in outside information!

Nicole: This blog was thoughtful and different. It also covered the topic of globalization. Finally, it cited sources and did not have any grammar errors.

Andrew:  MOST CREATIVE!! This blog said exactly what the rest of the class has been thinking.

Kendall: Had a very meditative quality about it which we enjoyed.

Vlad: This blog addressed the issue of responsibility which was unique and made for a much better read.

Some general comments we had were:

As far as comments go, on Zach’s blog, The Gap Between American Understanding and Chinese Reality, had a good chain of response. Zach responded, which we liked!

Christian and Matt had good extra information to add via their comments which was also awesome.

Tips and Tricks:

Try and spread your comments around.  Tell people who write early to change the posting date.

Before you start commenting, scroll all the way to the bottom

Try and read people’s posts that you don’t think you’ve read yet

Proof read!  Put comments into Word to double check


In other news….

We are banning “I liked you post”

Feel free to break down longer comments

Reply to the first order comments

Aim to have conversations in your comments



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