Blog 5- Generation We? Millennials?

The BC decided to go with an idea that has been on my mind.

gen divide
Courtesy of Time, Inc. Link.

What defines your generation?  Does it even make sense to discuss generations?  Or is it a category that obscures as much as it reveals?

The Pew Research center, a private, philanthropic think tank does great research into social trends.  THey have this quiz you can take.

Are you a millennial?

Take the quiz.  Then read more about what has been said about your generation, or others (like Gen X, boomers, the greatest generation…).

Good places to read.

Pew Report on Millennials.

Generation We.  A research and advocacy group that also was data-driven.  Has a video.   I hear you young ‘uns like that stuff.

Pew report on social trends and the Next America.  Easy to read and data-driven.

We do NOT want you to react only to the quiz.  Use it to explore specific ideas or themes.  SOME ideas:

  • Do you fit into the portrait of Millennials?  Or, are you “too young?”  Maybe you are beginning of the next generation?
  • How do the qualities of Millennials matter for the future of business, of organizations, of leadership, of politics, of social change?  You CAN NOT SAY technology will matter UNLESS you get more specific.
  • Does the generational conversation ignore class too much?  Does it assume everyone your age is middle- or upper-class?
  • What might one trend of Millennials look like as it plays out over the next ten-20 years?
  • How do the other generations matter?  Are you as different as this kind of research suggests?

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