Blog Council #4 Results Are In… and yes, you probably ARE slacking off

And with the exception for a few people, no one followed the blog prompt! Overall, we felt the class did a good job analyzing what made a given company a good/bad/ethical/not ethical employer, but not everyone linked this analysis with stakeholder relationships. No worries, Cate and I were to blame too. Just make sure to read blog prompts carefully from now on!


Best blog goes to Zach Pogust! Not only were you one of the few people who actually followed the blog prompt, but you brought up some really good points about working conditions and employee satisfaction which showed you did some research. Also, you did a good job answering comments!

Jack: We really enjoyed reading about your firsthand experience with QuickBooks’ attitude towards employees and how it was not reflective toward their customers.

Joe & Zach Fisher: We enjoyed reading about your own experiences.

Santi: Your blog about the “Googler” was very engaging to read.

Matt: Good job evaluating a different, more difficult company that is exposed to a lot of criticism.  You also did a great job answering questions posed by other bloggers by coming back with a well researched and insightful answer each time.

Kate: We voted you as the top commenter of September! You have been an avid commenter on many people’s post as well as your own and have always answered questions posed by other bloggers.

Kendall: This blog’s comment chain gets a gold star because everyone who commented had something great and insightful to contribute.

Just a couple friendly reminders!

  • Remember that time BC #3 banned “I liked your post”?…It’s still banned!!!
  • Remember to reply to comments on your own post!
  • Read and comment on blogs of people you have not read yet! Mix it up, don’t read the same people’s blog every week!
  • Remember to RATE BLOGS! Every blog you read, you should rate!

You may be sitting on your computer thinking, wow I’ve really been slacking on commenting/rating/reading blog posts…and you’re right! You probably have been slacking. But don’t get too bogged down since the great thing is, there’s room improvement to be made! Here’s an inspirational sloth to give you all the blogger motivation Blog Council wishes we could give you.


Peace, Love & Blog Council 


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