Are you the change we need in the world?

Most millennial was raised in households with parents that were born in the Baby Boomer arena. Baby boomers were known as a questioning generation; as a result, they raised their children to do the same thing: make inquiries. Individuals in leadership roles are mostly baby boomers so it is interesting to see the disconnect that lies between the employee-employer relationships when these two generations should be  speaking the same language or do they?

Realizing the majority of my peers are millennial, I found the survey and topic beneficial. This topic raises the question on how we can learn to better interact with each other. I am not a product of the millennial generation but I was born a Generation X child. Born in the late 70’s, where we still used pay phones and 8-tracks and played outside until the street lights came on. A generation of making up games to play and not using technology. A generation where computers was only found in businesses, cell phones was in a carry case (that looked like a briefcase) and Atari was the only gaming system around.  I see the differences in how we view life and the avenues we take to approach it. The variances in how we approach and analysis situations also result in the outcomes being different.

Between millennia’s and their parents, generation X faced several issues that I believe changed the perspectives of our group. Some of these issues consisted of shifts with financial, legal, medical, and family matters that shaped our views of what the “world” should look like.  Since my generation felt they didn’t have a voice; they fought  to have a say at the table.

Some valuable characteristics of individuals that are Generation Xers includes adaptability, balance between work and life, and autonomy. My attitude is on the fence with generational conversations because my views are quite similar to the millennial. Having a child the same age as my peers forces me to understand them even more but also causes me to be more adaptive to their way of thinking.

As we move forward in the business world, I believe generation Y(millennial) have to face more challenges in the world than the previous generations.  Because of this occurrence, it will force them to change the dynamics of management due to their different views of the concepts of authority.




5 thoughts on “Are you the change we need in the world?”

  1. The fact that you can bring insight from both generations is, in my opinion, an awesome advantage!
    What do you think are the main similarities and differences between each generation’s approach on life?


  2. Your personal beliefs being a generation x child are very interesting. I agree that there was a certain value to playing outside and making up games instead of watching tv every night. It seems as though that has been lost now. One has to wonder what activities we do now will be lost upon future generations.


  3. I wonder about the impact and extent to which a parent can influence the generational values held high by their children. It certainly is interesting to look at it from the perspective of a generation x-er. I agree that there is a certain level of understanding that needs to be developed. However, this is not to say that generational differences are wide enough to say they don’t already understand each other. While you point out that you have learned a lot about the millennials, I learn every day what my mom agrees and disagrees with. Both my generational and my mother’s influences have shaped who I am today.


    1. I agree with you, Kendall, that we learn as much about our parent’s generation as they learn about ours. I haven’t yet been in a space where the majority of my peers are not my age, but I think that we can learn so much about the experiences of being a twentysomething in a different era that point to political, social, and technological differences.


  4. I think the will to fight to have a seat at the table is a valuable trait that many millennials lack unfortunately. I also wrote about the different take on respect and authority by millennials. What changes do you see this continuing to cause in the business world?


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