Hey! Relevant Advice for Millennials

I was astonished to receive a 97/100 on my “Are you a millennial” quiz. I realized being a millennial is not only a mindset, but a culmination of experiences, actions, and self-expressive techniques. For example, one of the questions was “do you have a tattoo”. That question, to me, is more about a counter-culturalist and expressive state rather than a generation definer.

I now realize this quiz may have been run through one big algorithm and my previous objection about the tattoo may, in fact, question may be part of the formula defining our generation.


Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.42.54 PM

source: http://www.generalatlantic.com/people/j-frank-brown/

Frank Brown ’78, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, General Atlantic talked to my MGMT 304 class about personal strategy and career goals. His observations regarding millenials were quite eye opening.

Frank said the biggest strength of millennials is our familiarity with technology, but our biggest weakness is our fear of communication. He noted that looking down at your phone while walking (as we commonly do throughout the day) is the biggest mistake we will make. Frank encouraged us to walk with confidence and establish preliminary relationships with coworkers by greeting them as we pass.

Do we stick to the advice of Generation X and the baby boomers on how to communicate and conduct ourselves, or do we simply accept the fact that technology rules our generation?


For now, lets listen to Frank Brown and foster meaningful relationships in the workplace.

BTW: If you are a more visual learner, check out this graphic on the generational gap. It’s somewhat comical but includes some eye-opening insights. http://imgur.com/gallery/EGZ6gMR

Maybe the millennial generation ignores class too much. –It doesn’t matter.

It is more important to understand the attitudes of important players in your tests and tribulations. For example, it is more important to understand where all your coworkers stand in terms of class indefnitifcation in order to most effectively cooperate and excel as a member of a team in the workplace.


Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.55.02 PM


source: imgur.com

Our biggest weakness is trying to find solutions to so-called millennial “generation problems”. To truly succeed, we must understand that the world has changed. We must capitalize and exploit our own generation strengths.

In order to fully grasp how different the young professional world was in the baby boomer generation, and in the spirit of the blogosphere, I present the “Old Economy Steve” meme.




4 thoughts on “Hey! Relevant Advice for Millennials”

  1. I have to say I agree with Frank Brown. I think that Millennials have formed ‘cyberidentities’ that seem to replace real ones. Your post made me think of my mom’s old pleas to get my brother and sister off of the couch and into the neighborhood for some friendly interaction. She would also say how in order to talk to her friends growing up, she would call them. It certainly is different today; a conversation doesn’t require eye contact or even a voice. You pose an interesting question about the dominance of technology on our generation. Do you think this is something kids may grow out of with time?


  2. I think a problem our generation may find is that while we are the largest generation, we are still going into a working world run by the baby boomers. So the fact that we lean towards online communication (texting, emails) over personal communication (phone calls, normal conversations) may hurt us when we step into the business world and still need to play by the baby boomers’ rules


  3. I disagree with Mr. Brown that our biggest fear is communication. I think that is a blanket assertion that can be applied to individuals in any generation. Our generation is there era of communication. It is the most communication that has ever happened in the history of the world. With that in mind, it is hard for me to agree that we are scared of it. Mass communication runs our daily lives.


  4. “…being a millennial is not only a mindset, but a culmination of experiences, actions, and self-expressive techniques.” I think this quote you mentioned was pretty much what I was trying to get at throughout much of my post, however I didn’t feel like the quiz was able to effectively take some of these factors into account. I mentioned in my post how something like being born into a nation in decline (which could be considered an experience) can be a potential cause of the millennials’ desire to create meaning and a difference throughout their occupations, amongst other things. I would, however, argue that many actions and self-expressive techniques are extensions of one’s mindset, but I understand what you’re getting at there.


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