What Makes Us Different?

Gamers are lamer
Gamers are lamer

So it turns out that 91% of my answers fit in with the millennial stereotype. That makes me feel pretty basic. Does that mean that I am 91% identical to those who I have grown up with? It’s funny how this quiz made me think about this perspective.
In order to discover what this meant I opened up my Understanding Consumers textbook in search of answers. In italics, one of the first sentences pointed out that Generation Y is often synonymous with words like change, new, progress, hope, and excitement. I agreed with this; many of my peers and I like to look forward and see the good things that come out of our perseverance and hard work. The textbook went on to describe my generations’ connexity, meaning that we seem to be ‘jugglers’ who value independence in addition to being in constant contact with one another.
As a marketing major, these two factors seemed to be largely at play with one another. What could involve excitement, change, independence and socialization? My immediate thoughts drifted to Apple and the rising use of social media. What Apple and things like Facebook have done is connect what is new with what teenagers have valued since ancient times; each other. Technologies that have the ability to add human value seem to be charging ahead. I confirmed this conclusion by looking at several of the quiz answers. First, one question asked if I had created my own social media account. As it turns out, 75% of Millennials who took the quiz also said yes. This was not surprising to me. In fact, compared with the other generations, the Millennials differed by at least 25%. It made sense that my generation was adapting and discovering the new. Even more, when I changed my answer on the question about the number of text messages I sent in the last 24 hours from the medium to the higher, my Millenial identity went up four percentage points. This addressed the need for connectivity. I also noted that 72% of Millennials also did not play video games in the past 24 hours. So what? Well I believe that Generation Y is transitioning in their forms of entertainment. I think that social media offers a greatly outlet for a greater consumer base (sorry gamers). Video games seem kind of like old news. In conclusion, I am certainly interested to see what changes and new developments the future brings.


3 thoughts on “What Makes Us Different?”

  1. Hey Kendall! I thought it was interesting how you fiddled with the quiz in order to judge the difference that an answer makes. It does seem like our generation tends to value connection much more (and we really do have the opportunity for this…thank you social media!). What I’m wondering is…do you think social media enables us to forge stronger relationships because of being “permanently connected” or are our relationships more superficial, perhaps due to that exact reason?


  2. You brought up an interesting point when you talked about video games seeming like old news. It is crazy to think that some of the breakthrough technologies that dominated the late 1990s and start of the millennium are fading into obscurity. I feel like cable television, DVDs, and video games all serve as an example of this. The rate technology is changing makes me wonder what will be the new hit gadget or system twenty years from now, and will any major technologies from today stand the test of time?


  3. I’m really wondering how basic this quiz actually made you feel…the more I read about all the troubles and inability to communicate among teenagers, I feel wierd commenting on the blog. Are Facebook and the iPhone really that bad?


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