Keep on Keepin’ on

When I first read the prompt and how it was about measuring “how much of a millennial” we are I instantly thought about my relationship with technology. I could imagine people having the same reaction. Due to the up rise, advancements, and innovations that have taken place with technology throughout the last two decades I think it is safe to assume that this would be a huge differentiating point between Millennials and Generation Xers. Millenials never had to be introduced to the idea of technology, but rather had to adjust to the changes that have been made in existing technology that make our lives “easier” and more “efficient”. This tendency to accept technology reminded me of Orr’s article and one of the specific reasons he says we are unsustainable- that we “dominate nature.”

According to Pews Social Trends, the 24% of the reason millennial generation is unique is because of our technology use. Would our generation handle situations completely different if it weren’t for our easy acceptance of technology and lack of prudence when it comes to this topic? So far our generation has faced a tough economic time and I think if we did not see any new inventions or innovations in technology we may not be so optimistic that change can come. A concern I have about our generation is falling into a hole and bringing our motivation with us. We cannot rely on technology to do everything for us or let lousy jobs and college debt get the best of us. Rather we must look at technology as an inspiration to continue being innovative, but in a sustainable way. Perhaps looking at technology in a more need base way rather than accepting it all. This can be done in a way as simple as not downloading an app that purely serves as a source of entertainment or feeds into a lazy lifestyle.

Millennials matter a great deal for the future of businesses, organizations, and the leadership within. One specific impact that comes to mind for me is how we use technology to run these businesses and implement leadership strategies. If we are so accepting of technology will technology replace jobs even more so? We have already seen this happen in factories, but what if we continue down this path will businesses mostly be run by software and machinery and have no need for human employment? In my opinion this would be a perfect example of a shareholder approach-only focusing on maximizing profit by using more efficient systems to create more profit and not taking any of the stakeholders into consideration that would be unemployed. It is important that we stay grounded and think twice about how we use technology in our daily lives and in larger areas of our lives like the workplace.


2 thoughts on “Keep on Keepin’ on”

  1. I agree that millennials are complacent in their technology use and willingness to share information online. I think this might have led to some companies taking advantage of the all of this readily available information (read: big data). You ask if our generation would handle issues differently if we didn’t easily accept technology. Transparency comes to mind. I think as a generation, we still don’t fully understand the implications that technology has for the way we live our life today and how it will be different fifty years from now. You raise a good point and I agree, we need to stay grounded, and start looking at the technology from a need-based, long term sustainability perspective.


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