The New Kids on the Block

Does your child watch too much TV? Is your child lazy and unmotivated? Does your child spend more than 5 hours a day in front of a computer screen? I feel like these are negative questions that are based on our technology loving generation, but who’s fault is it? An article from suggests that it’s the parents who instill these bad habits in their children from a very young age. We are brought up watching TV and playing with our smart phones, but it’s because our parents allow it. 

However, I think that Millennials are taking these so-called “bad habits” from their parents and turning them into something wonderful. It’s apparent that both Millennials and Baby Boomers have defining characteristics and personality traits, whereas the generation stuck in between, the Gen X-ers, don’t have anything going for them. As you can see in this picture, there aren’t many qualities that Gen X-ers associate with, whereas Millennials and Baby Boomers have unique adjectives. I think that our generation gets a bad rep because our parents in the Gen X group didn’t do anything to define themselves as a generation. However, instead of letting the lack of a reputation from the last generation effect where we stand in the eyes of society, we are taking advantage of the knowledge that we have been given.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.51.32 PMOur generation is unique; we go after what we want and we tend to think we’re invincible especially in the job market. I think this is a quality that makes us stand out and apart from our preceding ancestors. Gen X-ers, as described in this article from PewResearch, “are a low-slung, straight-line bridge between two noisy behemoths [in terms of] their racial and ethnic makeup; their political, social and religious values; their economic and educational circumstances; their technology usage”. Though Baby Boomers were the first group to send a ripple through the culture of the U.S., Millennials aren’t settling until we’ve made a name for ourselves too. Jobs these days are interested in those that stand out from the pack, and I think that is what Millennials are good at doing. We have amazing resources and knowledge about things that those in Generation X never did. Our parents in the previous generation pushed these resources on us so as to make sure we had the best possible opportunities, unlike they did. This only helped push us farther into our ever growing reputation. So I think it’s good that the Gen X-ers pushed things on us that they never had and we will in fact stand far apart from any generation that’s come before us.


2 thoughts on “The New Kids on the Block”

  1. Research shows that it takes about 21 days of doing something can make it a habit. With that said, I believe you are right… you are what you eat. If you are allowed to do these things over a course of time than it becomes a habit. Being a Gen X-er, we grew up in an era where technology was unfolding. Some of us adapted to the changes but many of us didn’t. Having a child that is a millennial allowed me to see the differences in what was resources was available to me versus what technology is at her disposable.
    Why do you think that Generation X-ers didn’t define themselves?


  2. In my household, we are constantly experimenting with the right balance of screen time and other activities. I know some families that are more neo-Luddites: no screens. Others are more hands-off; whatever the kids do is ok.

    Overall, the researchers found that parents restricting how much screen time kids watch, restricting what they watch and talking about the shows was linked to more sleep, better school performance and less aggression among kids.


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