Blog Council 5 Remarks

The blog council thought that overall the posts from a week ago had great visuals and used the quiz effectively to introduce your topics. The views and ratings went up which could mean that you are choosing great tags and topics. Some of the blog posts seemed to lack a cohesive topic at times, so that could be something to work on for Week 7.

and Here are the (Not-so-True) Millennial Stereotype Awards:

Joe: (The Self-Centered Millenial)

His blog actually included great references such as Socrates, Jean Twenge, and the Who

Nicole: (The Millennial who killed chivalry)

Her blog about modern-day courtship seemed to hit home with those who commented, and had a very relatable tone.

Liz: (The Lazy Millennial)

Liz’s post about the potential that Millennials possess with trends like the Ice Bucket Challenge showed us how Millennials use technology to form a new kind of activism.

Jack: (The unfocused, disloyal Millennial)

Jack’s post identified a specific quality about technology that matters and wrote a clear and cohesive blog post.

Morgan: (The Millennial that only takes selfies and does nothing good for society)

Morgan effectively connected a class reading on sustainability to her post, which brought her ideas more credibility.

Christian: (The materialistic Millennial)

Christian’s post about Millennial Advertising was a unique topic outside the range of the other blog posts.


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