Hi, What’s your name?

What happened to the days of talking on the phone for hours when you meet someone? What happen to the butterfly feelings you get after being asked on your first date? “Dating” means different things to different people, especially across generations. Two people in an intimate relationship is dating. Today’s dating is defined as a hook up and no longer as courtship.

Online dating sites such as Tindr, Plenty of Fish (POF), and Zoosk have become very popular. I think that these sites take the spice out of meeting someone; however, it takes the sting out of rejection. Just like technology being at our fingertips, we want what we want now so it is easy to see how dating sites have become an “in” thing. No chasing…just hey I’m trying to see you. Which takes us back to the question of how human interaction is changing.


The Japanese video showed a society that I can see happening in the United States. Portions of what was shown in the video are already happening in America. We have strip clubs, sex toys, sex trafficking and sex slaves so why not present the atmosphere of just being able to enjoy yourself without the worries of commitment. In the video, it showed the way relationships are now viewed as a commodity.


While our lives are being enriched with technology, our relationships are lacking the intimacy it once had. Since it is pros and cons to technology and human interaction, we have to acknowledge the fine line between the two and determine the best way for them to not hinder our relationships. Technology has made it to where a person can interact with anyone globally. Technology has aIso turned I love you into ILU. Texting within 140 characters have broken down the social interaction to include how people communicate.

As technology involves, it causes challenges with the way we interact with one another. Is that  really true? Probably not… we have to be mindful that in some cultures, marriage is just a business transaction between families so how can we define the true meaning of human interaction.

In my opinion, with our lives being fast paced and having technology at our fingertips, it is easy to see how the dynamics of human  interaction has changed and online dating and hook ups have become so popular. We are just too busy



5 thoughts on “Hi, What’s your name?”

  1. Unfortunately, I think you’re right about technology being a cause of our relationships lacking the intimacy they once had. However, I’ve never really been a fan of the “we’re too busy” argument. I think maintaining healthy relationships all comes down how much you actually prioritize those relationships. I make sure to find time to keep in touch with people, even if it’s just squeezing in a quick lunch from time to time. I hope moving forward that technology does not become such a big part of our lives that personal, meaningful relationships are very hard to come by.

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    1. I agree with Zack here. Yes, technology has definitely been the cause of a genuine sense of intimacy in a relationship, but “we’re too busy,” is not a good enough excuse. Today, I still see many people in relationships who choose not to join the hook up culture and have a great relationship. Therefore, if you really want something, you will make time for it. But how can we make more time? Any ideas on making more time to help improve relationships?


  2. You note, “we have strip clubs, sex toys, sex trafficking and sex slaves so why not present the atmosphere of just being able to enjoy yourself without the worries of commitment.”
    This is definitely true, but I think the ability to ‘enjoy yourself’ can only come when these venues are legitimized by the public. Right now, going to a strip club is a taboo experience, whereas it appeared in the video that the Host/Hostess clubs were perfectly acceptable places to go spend an evening.


    1. I concur. There is a large culture gap that is apparent in the video. It will take until Americans become accepting of this culture for these experiences to come to the US. I also think it’s worth taking into consideration the different associations each culture has with affection. Would a country more accepting of PDA allow these indulgences to come amount more or less quickly?


  3. Are we actually busy? In the sense of having fewer leisure hours?

    I know the answer is out there, but I raise it get at whether we are actually busy or simply ‘feel busy”?


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