Blog Council Response on Relationships

Overall, we really enjoyed our time as the Blog Council this week. The posts prompted lots of comments and interesting discussion. Moving forward, don’t forget to go back and read the first couple of posts, as they have been receiving significantly less comments the past few weeks. This week several blogs received comments and likes from outside readers, which is a great sign. Another positive from this week is that the comments were more of a flowing conversation. As a result, multiple blogs had over 10 comments, something that we did not see at the start of the semester.

For some fun, the BC came up with some relationship related superlatives to describe a few of our favorite blogs.

Posts we would marry:

Emily, Morgan

Love at first sight:


The one we had a lifetime relationship with but never tied the knot:


The one we would swipe right if he was on Tinder:


The Taylor Swift:

Kate Rolfes

The one-night stand:

Joe Nano

The one you bring home to mom:

Zach Pogust

The one  that got away:


The 40 year old virgin:





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