John Mayer

Wow, a very open ended blog post! I love it. I like how this blog is evolving in terms of content and style.

I would have dinner with John Mayer. If you know me at all, this is extremely believable. Despite the flak I may receive from my peers, I stand by my statement. But why John Mayer?

1. I have connected with his music throughout my life.

 Not only have I grown up listening to all his pop hits, such as “No Such Thing” and “Waiting on the World to Change”, I also have grown to love his style of guitar playing and blues trio endeavors. Listening to music/watching music videos is one of my main hobbies– I always listen to Mayer when I am out of new music, and it never gets old. I also seem to discover another one of his songs each time I go back and listen to his old albums.

2. We share similar interests

That is– guitar, singing, and listening to music. I have played guitar since 7th grade and have been singing my whole life. Mayer is extremely accomplished as a vocalist and guitarist. Mayer’s music is appreciated by both his massive fan base and the music community. As of 2014, Mayer has won 7 Grammy Awards– no small feat.

3. He probably has some crazy stories from touring 

 can’t imagine everything was calm during his 10+ years of touring.

4. I can learn from his mistakes 

When I talk to people about John Mayer, they usually say “I love his music, but he is a dick”. I completely agree. At this point, John Mayer is 37 years old and has hopefully evolved from his past mistakes, including his famous Playboy Interview where he belittled and graphically described his private relationships with female celebrities. Mayer has certainly had a checkered past, seeming to exploit his fame and fortune to take advantage of others. Now, John Mayer has honed up to his mistakes and is taking the lead on more virtuous future endeavors, like his Ice Bucket Challenge video. Mayer would offer some valuable advice in this realm.

Overall, I think John Mayer has a very interesting life story and it would be fulfilling to hear his perspective on the major events of his life. Additionally, I would learn a lot about the people and relationships that control the music business, which I hope to enter after college. John Mayer is one of my idols and I would be honored to meet him.


7 thoughts on “John Mayer”

  1. In terms of the music industry, has he balanced the age-old tension between being “true” to his music and meeting fans’ tastes? In other words, while he is known as a “real” musician, does anyone think he sold out?

    Your tag list cracks me up. Good to see.


  2. I think John Mayer may be an example of an artist who met his fan’s tastes but certainly has not held the similar values. While screaming girls sing a long to Mayer’s songs about love and relationships, the actual girlfriends are subject to personal exposure and his ‘player’ act. Fun fact; John Mayer grew up in the town next to me and was apparently a total werido freak in high school.


  3. “I wanna run through the halls of my high school
    I wanna scream at the
    Top of my lungs
    I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
    Just a lie you’ve got to rise above”
    -No Such Thing (John Mayer)

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  4. this is why I look up to John Mayer so much– not only was he a complete weirdo in high school, but he seems to be entering a trolling stage in his life. I completely agree that he does things to get a rise out of people– I think that our personalities are very similar.


  5. I’d love to hear some of Mayer’s stories from tour. It would be great to hear advice and words of wisdom, but I bet he’s got a few pretty funny stories to share as well.


  6. This is actually such a great pick. I respect John Mayer as an artist so much. I think he is definitely a modern artist that has been able to maintain his artistic creativity without selling out.


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