Seane Corn; Mindful Living

This is not the first time I have come across a question like this. Throughout my education, I have answered this question many times, but have never felt fully satisfied with my answer. In the past, I have felt obligated to provide answers that include people like Rosa Parks, F.D.R, and Abraham Lincoln. While surely dinners with these individuals would be monumental, I feel obligated to pick someone who I feel more of a personal connection too.

So I did some research. I did not input specific individuals in my search bar, but rather searched for ‘mindful living’. Why? As I prepare to go abroad next semester, I have been having this feeling of time limitation. I want to breathe in and experience every single part of this semester as I can. Several names corresponding with this theme seemed to pop up, but Seane Corn, a master yogi stood out to me. Click here to see ten inspirational Yogis.

Corn is an individual who has found peace with her practice and has used her international spotlight to make changes in the world. Some of her activist activities include raising awareness about HIV/AIDs, specifically focusing on the affected youth, and underage prostitution. She also is the founder of an organization called, “Off the Mat, Into the World,” which utilizes yoga to inspire activism.

First, I would ask her how she got into Yoga. I recently have been dabbling with a couple classes here at Bucknell, and find that I feel un-winded and relaxed after each hour session. It gets me to look at my tasks in different lights and allows me to embrace different experiences that I may or may not have come across. I’m sure there is an interesting story there, as often times people use yoga as a coping method for several different personal troubles.
Next, I would seek advice on how to turn my inner passions not only into a career, but also use them to make positive changes in the world. Corn is someone who has practiced ‘mindful living’ and has made it a part of her daily lifestyle. I would ask her about her daily inspiration, and what aspects of yoga have opened her eyes to novel ideas and possibilities.

In the end, I believe that inspiration can come from all different realms of the world and different kinds of people. Some of these individuals have received great success prestige for their actions while others have flown underneath the radar. I would want to eat dinner with Seane Corn because her opinions have not been over-analyzed and assumed. She would offer a fresh perspective on the practice of mindful living, and would probably be humbled by the fact that I, a student in bumble-ville Pennsylvania, stumbled across her name.


4 thoughts on “Seane Corn; Mindful Living”

  1. Although Seane Corn may not be a familiar figure to most of us, her ‘mindful living’ philosophy seems like something we should all strive to do in our own daily lives (whether it be via yoga or another medium).


  2. Interesting way to approach the idea. I had _never_ done this activity, so I went for a classic (Ben Franklin).

    Why do you think Yoga is so popular beyond its cultural, religious origins? Are there not practices in our culture that get at a similar centered-ness?


    1. I think it’s funny because I have my love and clashes with Buddhism and Yoga. I think the religion itself if very self-centered and selfish. Literally everything is about you! You are constantly striving to find self happiness and can only achieve sub-par nirvana as a human. Shouldn’t you be concerned with the happiness of the ones you love? Shouldn’t you care about what the ones you love think? If you truly put your mind to being happy, can’t you be happy and reach nirvana?

      Yoga often has to do with the five kleshas, or five causes of suffering/misery (I don’t know if an English word can fully describe the depth of a klesha) by being mentally strong and pushing your body to its physical limits. Correspondingly there are five principle meanings of “yoga” – discipline, control of the body and mind, darsana, hartha, and the practice of yoga. All of this is often left out in most forms of yoga practiced in the western world. Yoga is more of stress relief for the body mind.

      I think yoga has become so popular in our culture because our society has stripped away some of its original meaning and just focused on the feel-good, centeredness purposes and benefits it provides, which is great! If you can walk away from your mat and feel better and more energized, that’s amazing. But I think you can get the same feel-good centeredness by hanging out with your friends or sleeping a good nights sleep.


  3. Yes!!!! I love Seane Corn! She’s so bad ass in so many ways! It’s funny because I feel like this question tells so much about a person.

    I would love to have dinner with Winston Churchill because I think he’s the most brilliantly funny political figures of all time, but I know I could gain much more value from another person who could give applicable wisdom to myself. I see you took a similar route, even picking someone who you didn’t really know of before, but someone you know you could get valuable advice and wisdom from.

    I think mindful living is very important to self actualizing, and I’m very happy you picked someone who embodies that.


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