First off, I was on the Blog Council last week, so I’ve known we were going to do this prompt for almost a week a now. And ever since I knew about the prompt, I’ve been fighting the knee jerk reaction to do one of my favorite athletes, musicians, or entertainers. 

Yet here I am, a week later and a little too close to midnight for comfort, unable to overcome my initial reaction. All of this leads to myself having dinner with Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld is one of the iconic comedians of his generation, best known for his standup work and his Emmy Award winning sitcom, Seinfeld, which aired on NBC throughout the 1990s. I’ve known who Jerry Seinfeld is for as long as I can remember. My parents used to love watching re-runs and DVDs of Seinfeld on TV when I was growing up. When I was a kid, my parents ran a tight ship with the TV in our house, which means its really saying something that Seinfeld was even allowed on the screen. This brings me to why I would love to have dinner with Jerry Seinfeld. His humor is clean, crosses so many generations, and has stood the test of time. On top of that, the guy is absolutely hysterical. These qualities combined together are so rare in today’s world, where most comedians seems to resort to cursing and questionable humor. There’s nothing wrong at all with comedians who do this, but the noticeable differences between Seinfeld and the average comedian are why I have so much respect for him.

I saw Jerry Seinfeld perform his stand-up act live in Philadelphia my senior year of high school. It remains one of my favorite, if not my favorite show, sporting event, or concert I’ve ever been too. It was classic Seinfeld. He didn’t curse once, and simply made observations about aspects of day-to-day life that are always prevalent but overlooked, until he brings them to your attention of course. I constantly laughed for an hour and a half, so I can’t even imagine what a dinner would be like. I would love to ask him about his upbringing in New York, his favorite venue’s he has performed at, his inspiration for the sitcom, his plans for the future, and more. Overall, I may not be learning any groundbreaking knowledge during my dinner, but I would sure have a great time.

7 thoughts on “Seinfeld”

  1. You would probably like Steven Wright too. Know him?

    He specializes in super-dry one-liners that are witty observations. Like,
    “I bought a box of dehyrdated water. I don’t know what to add.”


    “My neighbor told me someone broke in and replaced all of his furniture with exact replicas. I said: ‘How do you know?'”


  2. Have you seen the Seinfeld coffee ‘thing’ he has now? I heard about it… haven’t seen it yet. he and a comedian like drive around and have a cup of coffee and chat? Supposed to be also clever and funny.


  3. Jordi, I hadn’t heard of Steven Wright, I’ll have to check him out. I’ve heard lots of good things about “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. The only episode I’ve actually seen was the one with Michael Richards (played Kramer in Seinfeld) as the guest. I’d definitely recommend it.. very funny and well done.


  4. While deciding on who I’d want to have dinner with, I can’t believe I never considered Jerry Seinfeld. I’ve seen possibly every Seinfeld episode, used to listen to his standup in the car with my mom when I was younger, and have also seen him live. I like how you called Seinfeld’s humor timeless, and I agree. He paved the way for observation humor, and no matter what generation you live in, observation humor will always be funny because it’s an entertaining and relatable way of looking at our daily lives

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  5. Simply, one of the greatest shows and comedians ever. This guy is what we call “pure class” in the world of soccer and is nothing short of a legend in the comedic world. Like Thomas, I also can’t believe that I didn’t think of Jerry. A dinner with him must be one of the most laugh-filled times you could have, along with probably some great stories of the entire cast. If I ever got the opportunity of having dinner with Jerry, I would love to ask him how he thinks today’s modern comedic shows compare to his and what he enjoyed most about Seinfeld.

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  6. I’ll echo a popular theme and reiterate that I can’t believe I didn’t consider Jerry. This guy has been ubiquitous in my life since I can remember: My parents (and eventually me) constantly watching re-runs of Seinfeld, hearing his standup, watching his movies, watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and seeing his face grace the cover of nearly every “Jewish Celebrities” book in Hebrew school. Jerry actually did a Reddit AMA which I found extremely interesting, and I think you, and anyone else who loves Jerry would enjoy. Click through it and let me know what you think


  7. I agree that having dinner with Jerry would be one of the most fun choices that you could pick. I love his humor and I think it is a really good skill to be able to view your situation from the 3rd person point of view. I feel like most of his humor is pointing out all of our contradictions, but he does so without offending or being overly judgemental. Just dinner, though? Why not be a guest on his Comedians in Cars getting Coffee show?


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