The woman behind Gone Girl

By now you’ve read, seen, or at least heard about the hit movie and best-selling book Gone Girl. In short, it’s a mind twisting story about a seemingly happy couple who begin to fall apart until the beautiful wife, Amy, disappears on their 5th wedding anniversary. The novel takes unimaginable turns and leaves the reader wanting more and more, myself included. I would even go so far as to say author Gillian Flynn is the one person I can think of right now that I would want to have dinner with. Does this look like the woman who fantasizes of murders and plot twists?


From a story so dark and terrifying, it is only normal to expect the creator to be dark and terrifying herself. However, in this case it is the complete opposite. Gillian Flynn is a happily married mother of 2, living in Chicago and producing some of the best works of the last year. I would simply love to ask this talented woman how? What is your inspiration behind your novels? How do you come up with the plot twists that no one else can see coming?

After watching this clip starting at 3:34, I see how normal and not psychotic this woman really is! This only intrigues me more though. I’ve always been fascinated by mysteries and murder novels; themes that are so far off from my life that it’s interesting to slip into a new reality. However, the many times that I’ve tried to write my own story, I always lose steam and  leave off without really getting anywhere. I would love to pick Flynn’s imagination and see what inspires her, how she creates these twisted characters, and how she keeps up with her ideas.

3 thoughts on “The woman behind Gone Girl”

  1. I have read I think four chapters of Gone Girl. I had to read this carefully to make sure you didn’t spoil anything.

    There is a funny interview of here on this comedy show I love called “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” where she jokes about fantasizing about offing certain people she doesn’t like in her next book.


  2. My mother recently read Gone Girl and took me with her to see the movie over fall break. One thing’s for sure, this sure is a dark and terrifying story (don’t worry Jordi, I won’t spoil anything for you). Picking Gillian Flynn’s brain would certainly prove to be interesting, as her book is complex and well thought out. Like you mentioned, the contrast between the attributes of the book and Gillian herself would quite interesting to consider and ask her about.

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  3. I think I’ve been living in the Bucknell bubble too long, because I actually hadn’t heard of this movie. It looks great, though, and I hope Flynn was wrong about saying that this is the peak of her career. I also wonder how she does it and where she finds the inspiration. Would you say that there is a common answer for this question from authors of mystery/murder novels?


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