A Pearl of Success

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be with Carla Harris. Carla Harris is the Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She is responsible for increasing client connectivity and penetration to enhance revenue generation across the firm. She has worked on Wall Street for almost three decades. She is a leader, motivational speaker, author, and a gospel singer. I am intrigued by her many accomplishments both personally and professionally.

I would want to know what obstacles did she face entering into a white male dominant industry when she started in the financial industry. Do she still fell/think those obstacles still exist? What failures in her career enhanced her ability to close deals? Did she ever think the industry wasn’t for her. If she could give her younger self and advice, what would it have been? I would like to further discuss her pearls of a career pointers from the book ‘Expect to Win”.

In 2014, it is still a predominantly male industry; however, it is more woman entering into the business and financial arenas than it has ever been in history. As a [black] woman, it is important to get a first hand look at challenges that others have faced in the field but possibly be able to be encouraged and given tactics to be better prepared when these issues may occur.

Ms. Harris is a great example for women and women of color to admire desiring to enter the financial world.




2 thoughts on “A Pearl of Success”

  1. Do you know anything about her personal background? Did she go to an elite college? Is she from a city or the rural south?

    There has been some good research about mobility for various marginalized populations in the US and one interesting finding is that direct, personal relationships, like mentors, can be very powerful for overcoming the drag that class and race inflict. I wonder if she discusses the role of mentoring in her life either at a young age, or within the world of finance?


  2. Wow, she said some really powerful things! I really like her ideas of being comfortable in your own skin, being comfortable with risk, and knowing how you’re perceived. I think so often when speakers talk about what it takes to reach success and become a leader they barely scratch the surface. This is the first time I’m hearing about Carla Harris, but it’s clear from the video why she has become so successful. It’s easy to see why she would be an inspiration to so many!


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