Blog Council 7: Dinner With Who?

Blog Reminders:

Many people are still forgetting to rate posts and like/unlike comments. Also, make sure you remember to add a category and tags to your post so that they can be easily found! Lastly, make sure to use the “read more” feature (people are still forgetting to do this).

Supper Superlatives:

Concept Restaurant- Nicole

Perhaps the most creative take on the prompt (using your future self).

Best Live Music- Jack

We enjoyed the outside sources you incorporated into your post and also enjoyed listening to Sam Cooke while reading and discussing your post. The post was well written.

Best Power Lunch- Quil

It was nice to see that you chose someone you felt passionate about and someone that you admired both personally and professionally.

Best Diner- Zack

The blog council enjoyed your simplicity and honesty regarding your expectations for a dinner with Jerry Seinfeld.

Best Family Run Restaurant- Joe

Another interesting and creative take on the prompt (using your own grandfather). The narrative/story you used to open your post was effective and nicely written.

Best Spa Cuisine- Kendall

You were the only person in the class to use research to choose their dinner partner. We thought this was an especially interesting and unique way to address this question.

Best Beatnik Café- Liz

The blog council enjoyed that you chose a literary person as the person you would have dinner with. You did a nice job of putting your own life in perspective and your questions were deep and insightful.

Terrible Service, Great Food- Andrew

Like always, we appreciated your honesty throughout the post. It was also very well organized and personalized.

Best Restaurant of 2014- Vladimir

The blog council thought your post was perhaps the best written. It was organized clearly and had a creative title that we enjoyed. You posed interesting questions that you would ask and mentioned what you could learn or gain from it.


-Zach, Thomas & Jordi


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