So you’re lonely….

We strive to provide you with the most relaxing and enjoyable snuggling experience possible. Our cuddling service professionals specialize in platonic touch that will provide you absolute happiness. Whether you want to cuddle for friendship, relaxation, or just because we are happy to be your snuggle partner.  Our experienced cuddlers will soothe your mind, body, and soul.  It is very easy to call us and set up a meeting with our trained cuddlers.

REFERRAL to a Cuddle Bar:

Personality: Lonely middle age overworked executive man. He works about 90 hours a week. No family. Parties a lot on the weekend but is seeking companionship but have no clue on where to obtain it. One of his friends suggested that he try out the cuddling salon. Intimacy without the strings attached.

Sonya: Hello, Thank you for calling Comfort Cuddlers! How may I delight you?

Mike: (Clears throat) Hi, my name is Mike. I was calling to….

Sonya: Hi, Mike! What can I do to make your day better? You sound a little tense. Did you have a long day at work?

Mike: Yes my day was long. I was referred by a customer of yours. He thought that your services would do me some good. (Chuckles)

Sonya: Have you used a cuddling service before?

Mike: No

Sonya: Okay, so we offer a range of services that include cuddling, gazing into eyes, kissing if desired~ that is an additional cost. We have over 50 types of services that can be grouped into packages. I can send you an email with detailed information about our services. Would you like to schedule an appointment with one of our cuddlers?

Mike: I believe so.

Sonya: You sound unsure… Do you have any questions about our services?

Mike: Yes

Sonya: Go ahead, Mike….ask me anything (in her seductive voice)

Mike: Do we meet before we snuggle?

Sonya: We can have you speak with the cuddler over the phone prior to your appointment or you can come fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to meet.

Mike: Oh okay. Can I talk during the session?

Sonya: It is up to you. Mike, do you have any other questions?

Mike: Yes, as you can see this new for me. What if I become aroused?

Sonya: It is quite natural for one to get aroused during these sessions. Please keep in mind this is a place where we only offer platonic human touch. Did I answer all your questions?

Mike: Yes you did!!

Sonya: How about I schedule you for this Friday at 8pm?

Mike: (With hesitation in his voice) Oh okay!!

Sonya: Great. I have you down. Is it anything else that I can do for you?

Mike: No, you have been quite helpful.

Sonya: Excellent!!! Have a good day, Mike! Thank you for calling Comfort Cuddlers.


This dialogue is just one of many for this type of service. Cuddling bars time intervals start as small as 30 minutes to overnight sessions. The fees start can be as low as $80 up to $650 an hour for a session. The benefits for going to a cuddling salon can range from improving ones social skills, lessen depression, decrease stress, and also increase relaxation. Although we don’t hear too much about cuddler bars in America, it is a few around.


4 thoughts on “So you’re lonely….”

  1. I find it interesting that you chose to have your client ask questions about the nature of the ‘cuddle’. If this was in America, I am not sure I could imagine people even calling out of interest. I could see it becoming some sort of joke, but never truly taken seriously. I also took note of your line claiming that snuggling is there to soothe ‘your mind, body, and soul’. This makes me think of something like going to the spa or getting a massage. Not sure if I would put these two on the same level, but your overall dialogue was entertaining because it’s such an odd topic. Well done!


    1. It is actually a company that provides this service in New Jersey. As human beings, I believe we all desire to be desired and a service likes this can help someone that is missing that from their life ( therapeutic).


  2. Wow… creepy but seems so realistic. Service industries can be quite intimate, I am thinking massage therapy, psychological therapy. Cuddle bars are a step further, but the techniques of customer service you capture here ring very authentic.


  3. I think your character asked some pretty valid questions about the cuddle bar and what his experience would be like. These are questions that I wondered when we watched the original video. Basically, how does it really work? I liked the option of being able to go 15 minutes early to meet your cuddler (but does that really make a difference?) Anyway, your post helped illustrate how these questions might be asked and answered.


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