Blog 9 Prompt Picture THIS

In the past blogs we have focused primarily on our personal blogs. In this prompt we want to create conversation and reflection on our unique approaches to the same question.

Your goal is to take the idea of “creating value” and find an image that best portrays how you think about this idea. Only post the picture WITHOUT text. We want to “tumblrize” our blog this week by finding different images for the same idea.

The only text in this week’s blogs will derive from comments.

After you post you own image, look for others to reflect on.  To do so, find three images that you found most puzzling, confusing, challenging, or eye-opening and comment with a brief reflection about why you found it to be one of these things (or more than one). Feel free to talk about specific companies, experiences, or instances that came to mind when you initially saw the image.

Push yourself to think outside of your comfort zone and have fun with it!

Image tips:

For resources and image archives, see here.

– For tips on how to cite images, see this LIT link.  For this post, you should, if possible, say the title, creator, and source for the image.  In a formal paper, follow normal citation guidelines.

– Within Google images, you can restrict by type or size. Medium or large images will look nicer.

Flickr has some great search tools.  There are galleries, a commons area, and you can search by creative commons licenses so you know it is ok to share.

Here is an image I found searching “factory” on the Flickr commons page.

melon factory 1908
A basket factory. Girls making melon baskets. Evansville, Ind, October 1908. Hines, Lewis. Source:


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