Capitol Value or Capital Value?


The U.S. Capital Building.

Source: Digital Image. Web. 9 Nov 2014.


4 thoughts on “Capitol Value or Capital Value?”

  1. Great picture of the hometown Cate. This picture made me think of how creating value is a responsibility. Our governments strives everyday to create adequate policies and regiments for the sole purpose of creating value. This is not only a great aspiration, but also a great responsibility for the people in our society who our entrusted with this goal.


    1. I had the same reaction! This picture made me think of how the government is elected by the people to creating value for its people. Creating value is a responsibility for a government to uphold, and sometimes governments of the world lose sight of that


  2. Obama a few years ago was beaten up by Republicans and conservatives for saying “you didn’t build that.” What he said, and meant, was that wealth creation by private individuals is always built on collective resources, on infrastructure. Walmart didn’t build ht interstate system its goods are shipped on. Goldman Sachs didn’t build the regulatory systems that insure the safety of the financial system. PPL (an electric utility) didn’t pay for nuclear research technology, the Manhattan project did. Amazon didn’t pay for the internet to be built. All businesses benefit from the judicial system which arbitrates their disputes, from the education system that educates employees, and from social security which provides peace of mind about being able to retire. The preamble to the constitution says that we made this country to benefit the collective good.

    As popular as it is is US political discussion to foolishly equate government with waste and loss of value and business with production and creation of value, the reality is that government is essential to wealth and value creation.


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