4 thoughts on “Discovering Fire”

  1. Matt very interesting approach to this week’s prompt. I would have never of thought of posting something that portrayed the discovery of fire even though it is so important and was a huge milestone. It made me realize how we may take some discoveries and inventions for granted. This discovery was one that one not created value at this time, but has lasted so long after and has led to many other creations that have allowed our world to become more developed and sustained.


  2. We have like 200,000 years of evolutionary history as homo sapiens. Written history around 5-6,000 years. Industrial, modern society around 300 years.

    If you wanted a modal image of what we have been up to as a species, this would be it. Moreover, using fire is the beginning of manipulating our environment, of hearths, light, and food preparation. Of altering other substances into food or tools or art. So, we are always economic creatures, using our labor and skill to create scarce, but valued resources. And if we acted like business was actually an extension of this very old, very human, very evolutionary process, maybe we would discover what is most important and stop acting like we are so “advanced.”


  3. This picture is great. We’ve come so far as a species and it is incredible what we have achieved. Above all, it makes me think how we have constantly developed and become a dominate species over others. The way we have manipulated the earth’s resources has benefited us significantly, but in a way has also damaged the environment. Can we measure if these benefits outweigh the costs?

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    1. That is a great question. I think as a society most would say that having food, a house, protection, and our most basic needs is more important than saving that tree that needs to be cut down, those cows that need to be slaughtered in the process, etc. It becomes harder to be certain of the benefit/cost ratio when justifying the excessive amounts of resources that we extract from the earth.


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