Global Connection



Image of the world’s largest airlines flight schedules

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6 thoughts on “Global Connection”

  1. When I first saw this image I thought about the opportunities these flights bring to people. The main opportunities I thought of was how they allow people to connect with others around the world by visiting family, doing business, or traveling for your own self experience. I found this eye opening because it made me reflect and think about if we did not have transportation like this and the effect it would have on many aspects our society such as our economy, foreign affairs, or even personal relationships.


  2. The values that globalization has brought to our world is immeasurable. There are admittedly aspects of globalization that I disagree with, but I think the benefits outweigh the detriments. This particular aspect of globalization is interesting: it brings people from all over the world together. I think that is awesome and almost miraculous that it takes just hours to travel anywhere in the world. But the carbon footprint this leaves behind also makes me cringe. Is the value created by a global world worth the unsustainable practices it took to get us there?


  3. My first thought was about Ebola. Yes, globalization has allowed us to connect with different cultures on deep levels, but it also has given us some unwanted aspects as well. This includes ideas outsourcing, third world exploitation, and the spread of disease.


  4. I think the most interesting aspect of this image is the vast connections between North America, Europe, and Asia. What stands out about that is the lack of connections between Africa and South America with the rest of the world. How can those countries possibly keep up with the advancements that the rest of the world has if they are so excluded from the current patterns. Value can only be created with those that are included, which isn’t always the best for those on the outside.


  5. I was first drawn to the picture because of the vibrant flashes of color running along the image. As I viewed the image and read the comments I thought about globalization and value creation. As Kendall said, globalization allows us to deeply connect with other cultures. As I look around my room I see my speakers that were made in Mexico, my watch that was made in Switzerland, my fan that was made in China, and the list goes on and on. Globalization allows different cultures to provide one another with things that bring value to their lives. How different would our world be without this web of transportation?


  6. It would have been cooler if the map-maker had not even shaded the continents so all we saw was the pattern of flights. Unlabeled, would we have recognized the earth?


    The image I have of a globalized economy is usually more about goods traveling on ships and money/finance traveling on fiber optics. Even with global telecommunications, globalization still depends on the value of face-to-face meetings. I’ll bet most travel is still business and not tourism.

    This is the footprints of the global elite who sit at the commanding heights of the economy.


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