Lasting Memories and Keepsakes



Krause Family 

June 1994


7 thoughts on “Lasting Memories and Keepsakes”

  1. Is the picture itself the source of value? Or the scene it depicts?
    I like that a memory ‘creates’ value over time. It can invoke emotions, reactions, help inform judgements and opinions. By preserving an experience, we can learn from it in the future.


  2. I thought your choice of the family picture with the title stating “Lasting Memories and Keepsakes” was awesome. Creating meaningful memories with your friends and family seem to be the most important part of a fulfilling life. I liked how you related value creation away from the economic or stakeholder/shareholder centric thoughts, but rather to things that hold sentimental value as opposed to a dollar value. Reflecting on this, I was thinking about this in terms of work/life balance. At what point does creative value, in the dollar sense, become less relevant to creating the sort of lasting value that memories provide.


  3. This is beautiful. I agree with Christian and Andrew, nothing is more amazing than the value family creates. They’re there for everything! They’re a second opinion on difficult decisions, there to critique you when no one else will, someone to create memories with, ect…

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  4. In this picture I see history in the making. Family bonds being made. Stores being shared. I see love being displayed. A picture is worth a thousand words. In the faces of the children, I see acceptance, joy, and gratitude. Bravo for capturing the essence of a family.


  5. So, studying the picture, I can’t tell who is in the hat, if it is a mother or another kid.

    Let’s assume its just kids and what looks like the grandfather.

    Kind of interesting: the family portrait excludes the parent generation. It is like an Oreo without the middle layer, a hamburger that is just bun and condiments.

    Under the rubric of value, I don’t know what to think. We value family more then things? Love over money? Or, is this ironic…that in a world awash in capitalism and consumerism, family is never as it was back in those good old days?

    Or, that value comes from people, old and young. Do we value the old and the young in America? In the world?


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