3 thoughts on “Value”

  1. I searched through the ocean of knowledge and I might be wrong but I’m guessing that it’s a picture of a medieval Uppsala animal skin manuscript, that has been stiched up. I am wondering if the value creation you intended was in the form of preserving history. Under this interpretation, any knowledge that is transferred throughout the ages creates value for the next generation. Technical knowledge on how to manufacture steel could have brought about modern day standards of living to civilizations millenia ago. Huge value creation!
    Maybe the Gutenberg press is more important to creating societal value than we thought?


  2. I couldn’t figure out if the diagonal line was decoration or stitching. I have no idea what the text is, except that it is old.

    Let’s assume it is stitching. Why? The tear didn’t interfere with the text. Someone valued the idea that the page should be rectangular and such-and-such dimensions that they went to the trouble to SEW it back together? Obviously the “paper”, the book, and the idea of the book were precious. In our world where information reproduction is so cheap, we wouldn’t sew up a copy of a book.

    But would we sew to conserve or to even attempt to keep its form? Reputation? Brands? Do we notice the stitchmarks on Nike’s brand?

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  3. My first impression of this post was that value is created through written language. Others chose to comment on the type of literature or the stitching in the bottom, however I interpreted this as the importance of passing stories and knowledge down from generations. As books are becoming more and more rare with the introduction of new technology, I find that there is a specific sense of satisfaction that one gets from holding a physical book. I find value in sharing books, reading, and taking advantage of artifacts such as this.


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