8 thoughts on “Value”

  1. I like that you chose the penny, the least-valuable form of currency we have. The penny is shiny and new looking, even though its 21 years old. Is the year significant? I was born in 1993 so it stands out to me. Is value preserved in this same way over time? Is a 21 year old penny the same as a 2014 penny? Both are legitimate forms of currency and can be exchanged for a good or service.


  2. The year also stood out for me, as I was also born in 1993. I was also wondering why you chose a penny rather than another coin or another currency. Is the currency the mechanism for portraying value or is it “liberty” or the engraved portrait of Abraham Lincoln? I was also wondering if value can be created without currency, or is money directly tied to value creation?


  3. Interesting how your representation of value is something that many people do not see value in. Regardless of whether we agree with them or not, the penny is often cited as ‘valueless’ in our society. What do you make of this? How did that impact your decision to represent value with a penny?


    1. I wasn’t thinking as much in terms of the value of an individual penny, I wanted to represent the most fundamental form of currency used in the US, the biggest economic powerhouse in the world.


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