Conversation on Conservation



5 thoughts on “Conversation on Conservation”

  1. It’s amazing what a sign can do to inspire change. In this case, it seems like all parties benefit from the value that the sign creates. I think going through Scouts helps me notice and appreciate the value that a Leave No Trace policy brings. Nature has an inherent value that can be lost easily. Perhaps, the idea of “creating value” is a skewed idea from a reality where the value is in its observation and “conservation”…? (Your post may have just given me a personal epiphany)


    1. matt I am so glad you connected that with this image! When I was deciding what to post, I connected value with conservation because of what it keeps ‘observable’. I was was considering whether conservation would be considered value ‘creation’ when I selected this image


  2. I was thinking more anti-authoritarian. Why stay on the paths? If impressions linger, and we stay on paths, who will be the trailblazers? Isn’t this preaching conformity and mindless acceptance of rules?.


  3. Very interesting point Jordi. Although I see what you mean, I found this sign to be very inspirational and reminded me of the difference one individual can make. Could we relate this to government and if each individual deviated from laws what would our world turn into? Just like if each individual disregarded this sign imagine the impact it would have on the trails and the nature that is trying to be conserved. How do we decide when we have to be “trailblazers” and create our own value and when we have to be obedient and maintain value?


    1. what happens when many people decide to break rules? Eventually, anarchy. But how do we know that this is the eventual outcome? History. Conservation is one way of remembering nature the way it was before lots and lots of people began to ‘trailblaze’ and develop the world for humans. I think we have to ask: what are we destroying or giving up in order to create ‘new’ value

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