111230100454-sloane-edison-story-topThomas Edison




5 thoughts on “Value”

  1. In my mind, innovation creates value. Thomas Edison changed the world with his invention. Whenever I think of old inventions such as the lightbulb, I always wonder: would things be different today if the lightbulb were invented at a different time, or by a different person?


  2. To me, Thomas Edison created value beyond the lightbulb and that is reflected in this photograph through Edison’s determined facial expression. He was determined to invent a working idea and had the great quote “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that do not work.” This is was inventors, especially him, stand for. It’s the value of continuing to try even when the going gets tough, and of inspiring others to do the same.


  3. Some of the ideas portrayed in this photograph are similar to what I thought of when contemplating value creation. While my image is quite different, both consider the fact that value is created through providing others with things they want, need, or don’t yet know they need. The way to do this is by providing them with something unique, something that others (competitors) do not already provide. In the case of this photograph, the light bulb was an extremely valuable invention, as it provided people with an amenity they had never experienced, yet made their lives better/easier.


  4. This image got me thinking about how one person creating value can enable so many more other people to contribute value in a different way. It is rather hard to imagine the world without the convenience of the light bulb and how other people’s activities and value creation would be inhibited without the contributions of others.


  5. Edison is so fascinating. He looms so large over our myths and folk theories of invention, of progress, of technological changes to improve our lives. Most of you all probably know that the image of the lone genius is one he cultivated and deeper studies of his labs show that his inventions were, like most things, the result of more collaboration then the popular history. Of course, he was clever and driven and all of that, but that is not the same as imagining that like Colussus, he stood astride the world as a super-human figure.


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