Andrew Kilman! Cool Name Right!?!?


Kilman is actual an Americanized version of Kielman, meaning “man from Kiel” in German. Kiel is a small city in North Germany where my family is from.

My family is predominately German, and although Kilman is a short name, it is actually very uncommon…being unique is fun!

As for my first name, Andrew, my mom wanted all her kids to be virtuous human beings so naming us was a good place to start. Andrew was one of the apostles in the bible!

It’s funny– no one calls me Andrew at this school– as you can see by the last blog council awards, all my friends call me Kilman. I don’t mind it at all. It’s just funny because I went by “Drew” in middle and high school, and decided I was going to go by Andrew in college, which clearly backfired.





-Me making any plans to become cooler usually backfires


4 thoughts on “Andrew Kilman! Cool Name Right!?!?”

  1. Very cool, Kilman! It’s funny how even though you may prefer to be called one thing, people will still take it upon themselves to give you what ever name they see fit. That also happened to me when I became “Daf” at Bucknell, but I accepted my fate right away. Do you miss being called Drew or are you happy to leave that middle school?


  2. Also, Andrew is Scotch, isn’t it? So you have a nice little Anglo-Germanic thing going.

    Did you know lots of German-descended immigrants anglicized names in WWI because there was so much xenophobia here against them? Do you know when yours changed?


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