BC for posting #10- What Is in a Name?


We all come from different backgrounds, hold different values, and have certain things that individualize our personas. Let’s find out what is similar and what is different among us. How should we do this? For this week’s post we want you to dig deep into your own and your family’s past to answer this question: What is the story behind your name?

Please find the answer by analyzing your first, middle (if you have one) and last name. We encourage you to call family members and anyone other important persons who took part in giving you your name. Here are some guidelines…

  1. What does your name say about your heritage?
  2. What other names did your parents consider?
  3. Is there a certain story behind how your name was given to you? Any significant meaning?
  4. How has your name shaped your identity?


If you want to, go further and look at ancestry.com. It costs money to have an account, and if you don’t have one already there is always a free trial option.

We want your comments to reflect any similarities and differences you may have found between yourself and your peer’s post. Also reflect on what you thought was interesting, and if you can, relate it back to the course material.


1885 photo from the Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives from Flickr user Greene Connections.

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