Zachary Taylor Fisher

No, I was not named for the unforgettable 12th President of the United States Zachary Taylor. I’ve never really considered the origins of my name before, so this assignment allowed me to do some digging to learn more about it. My parents had decided that if I was a boy, my name would be Zack, and if I was a girl my name would be Caroline. My dad wanted to name me Bruce after Bruce Springsteen, but my mom shot that one down pretty quick. As far as my middle name goes, Taylor was my grandmother’s maiden name, and has been a name in our family for generations. My dad is adopted and never knew his biological parents, so the Fisher last name does not directly relate to my heritage. The family legend is that one of my ancestors on my Dad’s side came over on the Mayflower, but I’ve yet to see any actual proof of that.

Except for when people say “exactly”, I’ve always loved the name Zack. As a kid I liked the uniqueness that came with having a name that started with Z. Interestingly, almost none of my close friends call me Zack, its always Fish. This has been consistent ever since I was in Middle School. I was wondering if it would carry over to college, and it certainly has.


7 thoughts on “Zachary Taylor Fisher”

  1. Have you ever searched for someone on facebook or something like that with the same name? That’s funny that you have a presidential name. I wonder if there are many “george washingtons” out there.


  2. I remember when I was younger I used to google my name and a famous wakeboarder name “Morgan Krause” always came up (who was a boy). I guess thats what you get when you have a gender neutral name. Unfortunately this Morgan and I do not share the same wakeboarding skills…


  3. Its comical how many times I’ve heard people say that their parent wanted to name their child Bruce after Bruce Spring-steen. Although I do very much like his music, I don’t think I would consider naming my child after him (guess its a generational thing). I thought your family legend involving the Mayflower was pretty interesting.


  4. Hey Fish, great post! I feel like with every child birth there’s always a dark horse name that gets thrown around as tribute to someone that a dad loved. My grandfather tried to name my Dad Woodrow Wilson Ebby and my dad told me that if his brother was not already Robert, that I would today be Bobby Ebby in honor of the great Bobby Clarke (only fish and pogust probably feel me here)


  5. I agree with Joe that it seems like an incredible amount of Americans wanted to name their sons after Bruce Springsteen. It’s amazing the cultural impact that man has had. For me, I would absolutely try to name my son Chase, after Phillies star Chase Utley. Ebby I know you agree with me on that one.


  6. Do you still like having a Z in your name? I feel the same way about letters like Z’s, K’s, and J’s. Maybe I grew up playing too much Scrabble or maybe it’s just the uniqueness of having a Z in your name.


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