Its a girl!?

My first name, Morgan, is of English heritage and means “born by the sea.” My parents did not have this name in mind when I was first born and were originally going to name me Meaghan (pronounced MEEG-ən) , but the nurse objected to this (because she had so much say?) and told my parents that everyone would end up calling me Megan. From here I went unnamed for an hour. What was only an hour has grown into a family joke that I was unnamed for days and that the nurse ended up naming me, which is not true. The reason my parents didn’t have a bunch of female name options lined up was because they thought I was going to be a boy and were going to name me Brendan Daniel. My parents knew a Morgan (one of my sisters good friends) who according to them was “smart and sweet” who essentially inspired them to name me Morgan. If I were given the opportunity to rename myself I would still name myself Morgan. I have always loved my name and I think it is so ironic that it means “born by the sea.” Growing up and through high school I was a swimmer and water played a huge part in my daily life. Also when I was in 3rd grade we moved to a house that is on the water and this has grown to be a place that holds so many happy memories for me.

My middle name, Catherine, was given to me after my dad’s mom. Unfortunately I never got to meet her, but have always heard the most amazing things about her. My grandma was an EMT and would spend her nights driving around in the ambulance helping others. My parents always tell me how she was a dedicated and loving person and I am so proud to say that I share a name with her.

My last name, Krause, comes from German heritage and originally derived from the German word “Kraus” which means curly. I always thought that I was very German because of my last name, but this past summer when Germany was in the World Cup I found out some devastating news-I was only 20% German. My last name has grown to mean so much more to me than just a name. Now when I hear it I instantly think about the 20 Krause’s that currently play a huge role in my life. My dads side of the family all live within ten minutes of us and we are constantly seeing each other whether its for our annual Thanksgiving gathering or just a casual BBQ on a summer night. I think its amazing how a name can connect such a large group of people and at the same time be a representation so many different individual lives. Despite these differences it is wonderful to always share the common corner stone of our last name and family history.

It has always intrigued me how large of a role names play in your everyday life. If you stop and think about how much your first and last name are used on a daily basis its hard to imagine if you were to be named something different.

Signing off,

Morgan Catherine Krause

6 thoughts on “Its a girl!?”

  1. It’s funny how stories are exaggerated and embellished over time. I’m sure your whole family finds it amusing that you were the unnamed baby for the first few hours of your life! But at least you know the true story behind it. I’m glad you would choose Morgan to be your name if you had the choice, it’s something that most people don’t think about, but I agree that it shapes a big part of our identities.


  2. This really made me wonder if our name somehow impacts our personality on a very subconscious level based on a variety of features (how common is it, how it sounds, etc.)…or if we simply look to find within ourselves the features associated with a name…what do you think?


  3. Vlad thats a very interesting point that I was actually thinking about when writing my blog. I could see how it subconsciously impacts our personalities because if you have a unique name it may make you more inclined to step outside of your comfort zone because from the beginning of your life you were use to being a little different from everyone else.


  4. The name Krause also led me to believe you would be more German than 20% for sure. It seems like most in our class carry a middle name having something to do with a name of their parents, or grandparents, that has been carried down in some way or another.


  5. I always liked how there are no “e”s in my full name…. Jordi Ross Comas. Probably nothing there, but it made me feel more unusual.

    There is ll kinds of new agey-stuff about names and how it will reveal your true, inner nature or future etc.


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