The Chosen One

My name is Equilla Leaeva. My first name derives from my maternal grandmother. Unfortunately, it is no account of how the name was introduced into the family line but my mother stated that out of 30 grandkids one of them should be named after my grandmother; as a result, I had the privilege of being the chosen one. I am the third female in my family with the name and it will probably end with me.

My middle name is a combination of my paternal grandmother (Georgia Lee) and paternal great-grandmother (Eva). My mother thought that 3 consecutive E’s wouldn’t look right so she altered one of the E’s for an A. On my dad’s side, I am the only granddaughter.

Most people reference my name to Aquila found in the book of Acts in the bible. But looking at, the name Equilla was mostly given to men in the 1800’s.

Fun Facts about the name Equilla :

In 1934, the name Equilla was the most popular girl name. You can find the most people with this name in Alabama and Mississippi.

The name Equilla is found on 2,980 Facebook pages, 138 Google+ pages, 852 Twitter accounts, and 455 LinkedIn pages. The name is found in the white pages 7,180 times.

This is hard to believe but I did work in the same building with a guy name Aquila. Our phone calls would get mixed up all the time and people would say it is actually two people that work together with that name. What are the odds?



7 thoughts on “The Chosen One”

  1. Pretty crazy how people can have such similar names and end up working in the same place. I like how your family decided to give you your middle name as well! I think it shows great respect to relatives in the family and in a way their legacy carries on. Also, that’s awesome how your name was the most popular girl name at one point! Have you ever run into another Equilla?

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    1. Growing up, I met one person with the same name. When I moved to the East Coast, I have ran into several older women with my name. Strange enough, I have two friends on Facebook with my name. And one the sister has the same name as my oldest daughter. Now what are the odds of that?

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  2. I was very curious as I had never heard of it. I love the sound. In my head, maybe it was related to “Equal,” but I knew it couldn’t be that as it sounds similar but the root is different. Your nickname of course also reminds me of a quill, a feather pen for writing.


  3. I really like how your mom changed your middle name to avoid the three e’s in a row. I forget that when we chose names, we can pretty much do whatever we want to the word and it still counts. Leaeva is a pretty awesome name as a result. Were there any other options that to combine lee and eva? Or switch the order to evalee?


    1. I agree with Liz, I really like how personal your name is to your family. It does show a great amount of respect, I know I’ve always wished there was a Kate somewhere in the family before me! Is there a specific reason you don’t wish to pass this name on?


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