Beer Delivery?


So my idea centers around beer stores that deliver. Specifically, I’m focused on two local beer distributors here in Lewisburg: Bison Beverage and Beer Barn. Neither of these two stores deliver at the moment, but I think there is huge upside available for them if they do.

From a consumer standpoint, beer stores with delivery would be outstanding for both students and Lewisburg residents. Having cold beer delivered to your doorstep offers substantial convenience, and most likely would lead to people buying more beer, which is really good for everyone. Additionally, there is a safety benefit involved in beer stores delivering. The delivery would eliminate the potential for drunk drivers putting themselves and others in danger by attempting to make it to Beer Barn or Bison Bev to purchase more beer.

However, one potential drawback to a delivery system would be verifying that the person purchasing the beer is of age. A possible solution to this could be having costumers sign up for the delivery system in person, thus verifying that they are over 21 in the process. If you have not signed up for the delivery system, then you cannot have your beer delivered.

Obviously there are some kinks that would need to be worked out, but I think the upside to Bison Bev and Beer Barn delivering beer is tremendous. The stores could separate themselves from each other, or other competitors, all while pleasing their customers as well.


8 thoughts on “Beer Delivery?”

  1. Zack I loved your idea of a beer delivery service and agreed that it would do very well around college campuses. I found the greater purpose of safety reasons to be very relevant due to the amount of people that drunk drive and agree that this could decrease the rate of drunk driving. Since it would be so easy and convenient to get alcohol do you think the alcohol poisoning rate would increase?


  2. Thanks Morgan! One thing I thought of is limiting the delivery to only beer, and not hard alcohol. In PA, beer distributors are not allowed to sell any hard alcohol. I think this would keep the rate of alcohol poisoning stable. People may consume beer quickly, but the worst that happens would most likely be a full stomach, not a trip to the hospital from too much liquor.


  3. I think this is a very good idea. It definitely be safer and reduce the chances of drunk driving, and would also stimulate the local economy because generally things cost more to get delivered. Another possible solution to making sure the buyer is of age, is the Beer Barn or Bison Beverage get a list of 21 year olds from the school. Those two establishments will trust that the school knows the correct age of their students, and decreases the chances of registering in person with a fake ID


  4. While Bison Bev and Beer Barn don’t deliver, there are plenty of stores back home near you and me that do- and an increasing number at that. I wonder how the transition into delivery impacts sales, or even harder to tell, drunk driving incidents? It would be hard to make direct correlation between the two, but would be interesting to look into a few case studies. Though what do I know, I’m only 20.


  5. My mom always tells me about how when she was in college you could have a keg delivered to your dorm room. Not sure what the rules were on this, but I do know that it use to be a thing! Based on Jack’s comment, maybe the service is making a come back!


  6. I would like to see this put into practice, it would allow more money flowing both ways. However, I do think the major obstacle is the verification of age. Although, the easy counter argument to that is the obvious point that – let’s not act like no one under 21 has managed to buy beer before.


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