Common Charity. Strong Community.

Student, faculty, and alumni are all very involved in various things at Bucknell. Whether its through greek life, a sports team, or club everyone seems to be apart of a sub community at Bucknell. I think it would be awesome for Bucknell to represent a certain charity just like many businesses and organizations have campaigns to raise money for a certain charity. This would be a great way for everyone at Bucknell to be involved in the same mission and build a strong community and purpose.


Here at Bucknell we have countless ways to get involved and many clubs that all work towards a certain cause or goal. My idea is one that would allow Bucknell as a university to work toward the same goal. I propose that Bucknell’s student body; faculty, alumni etc. invest themselves in the same charity. This charity could be elected by asking people for proposals of charities that they would like to see as the face of Bucknell and from there have everyone participate in a survey to elect a single one. I think this would be a great way to unify Bucknell and allow everyone to get involved no matter how old or young they are which would further demonstrate how you are a bison for your lifetime. This charity would allow Bucknell to give back to the world and create value outside of campus. I think it would be very powerful to see how much Bucknell would give to this charity over the years whether its through physical service, donations, or both. Since we all share the same great opportunity to be here at Bucknell it is important to give back and strengthen the Bucknell community and all that it stands for.



3 thoughts on “Common Charity. Strong Community.”

  1. Interesting idea, I never would have thought of an idea so specific to Bucknell. How do you think this would impact the reputation of Bucknell? Could alumni get angry about the organizations the school might chose to support? What do you think the likelihood of this would be?


  2. It would be awesome to see an entire university come together to support a single charity like this. It would create a sense of unity amongst the students, faculty and alumni, rather than separating charitable causes by sports teams, fraternities/sororities, clubs, etc. Do you have any charities in mind that are especially important to you and that you think you’d propose given this opportunity?


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